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America allows people to come here, but, “at our sufferance.” In the past, those dreaming of coming to America wanted to become Americans. They wanted to live the American dream, to assimilate; they did not come to America to make “a little Mexico out of California, New Mexico, Arizona or Texas or any other state. The rationale of illegals and their supporters being that these areas once belong to Mexico and therefore they are entitled or deserve entitlements in America. Other illogical, bumptious, nonsense is that of claiming America is a nation of immigrants and that anyone must be allowed entry.
No person in America illegally, deserves to be here or deserves any aid, financial or otherwise. They are criminals and only deserve to be deported. These criminals are in our country illegally, there is no other word for them, and this illegality demands deportation, no court, no legal redress, no attorney, or legal help, merely deported. It cannot be emphasized enough, that illegals are criminals, and our Constitution does not allow for illegals to participate in the laws that protect American Citizens. The Constitution was not established to protect illegal aliens from violation of our American laws. I doubt anyone can find this exception in the Constitution.  
There are foolish persons that support sob stories as pictured above; supporters of illegals, as well as  Sanctuary Cities and California, are not only obstructing justice but aiding and abetting criminals and in any
crimes committed by these criminals are their responsibility and should be punished according. What is blatantly clear is that these supporters of illegal aliens will not take responsibility for their crimes but merely ignore them as they do not fit in with their political and social narrative. Their rationales are flawed and lack any form of intelligent judgment. There are a number of reasons for efforts to allow illegals to remain, or even enter, but the main flawed reasons;
1.) They demand no borders and no action on illegals;
2.) They are the progeny of illegal aliens themselves and don’t want to be deported even though their parents intended to circumvent American Immigration Laws in order to return through the child’s “chain migration,”  tricky, but should be acknowledged and forbidden as it is skullduggerous.
3.) Those misguided American Citizens who believe that everyone has a right to come to America because we are a nation of immigrants fall into the category of most dimwitted.
Number 3.) is the most ridiculous and dangerous as it prays on the emotions of Christianity, civility, and our misinterpreted history, and which are all wrong in this regard.

In the past, immigrants dreamed of coming to America, to come in good faith. Immigrants that built our nation came to become Americans, real Americans, to assimilate themselves to our country. Immigrants came to America swore allegiance to our country and the American People. Immigrants understood that they were to have but one loyalty, loyalty to the American flag and our laws. Immigrants came to learn English as our one and only language (which should’ve made into law years ago, but, of course, for political parties seeking voter advantage by pandering to illegal); to sing and respect our anthem; and to honor and respect our American flag, without reservation.

Our former immigrants came here under the auspices of American law because we are a nation of laws, OR ARE WE ARE NOT? Illegals are criminals, THAT IS THE LAW! They must be deported. Any other action is a Pyrrhic, a cause achieved at the excessive cost to our nation in both money and the character of our Nation, which is assiduously, derogatorily changing America from an independent country of Americans to any nation of racial and political separatism.

America’s character, the endemic ethos of our nation is under the threat of race and ethnic separation by forces of stupidity, ignorance and political agenda. Immigration is controlled in our country by law – should we continue to ignore that law? Should America continue to violate its intentions and laws for immigration by criminal and ignorant rationale? Has America become so foolish as to proceed along the idiotic line of inaction, something we have ignored for years, as a nation, because our politicians are too cowardly and driven by political agenda as to continue to destroy ourselves from within.

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within” W. Durant

 Is this then to be America’ fate? Are we to be relegated to the agenda of morally corrupt politicians? A Department of Justice who does not do its job, a Congress and Senate that for years, and years, and years, have done nothing because it does not suit their purpose – again pusillanimous, scrofulous politicians. Now! Now, it becomes relative? Well, its relativeness is subject to the whims of those imbued with ideas as to what immigration is according to Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, Libertarians,  Democrats, even some Republicans, etc.
Rather than our precepts, our endemic, ethos under the U.S. Constitution America is being abraded the erosion of these national characteristics. The Constitution that protects us from an invasion of those who would change America to suit their purposes, beliefs, and agenda has been under attack for decades. We are a tolerant nation, but we have become so imbecilic as to continue to bleed our country of its character into that of self-destruction? If we do not deport these illegals and restrict our borders, America will not be recognizable in twenty years as America.
Common Sense seems to have become irrelevant, for example, the Hispanic (Mexican) community doesn’t care about American policy or laws, they simply want the Mexican illegals that are here to be allowed to stay, as well as opening the border for more of them to immigrate without border and immigration restrictions. They have no concerns as to the financial and resources burden on American citizens; they only care about getting more Mexicans into the United States. These are not the ambitions of immigrants were welcome to America. These are not the ambitions of those dreamers, those immigrants who want to become real Americans, who follow the law in order to become American citizens: and they are not welcome in the United States America.
This illegal and open border demand they make has to bring up the question of where their loyalty lies, in Mexico for the Mexican people, or America, the country that puts the food on their table, clothes on their backs, a roof over their head and the billions of dollars to send back to Mexico. They march and fly their Mexican flags in protest of our laws and because America will not concede to their demands; all Americans should take affront to such offensive confrontation. These illegals claim that it is unjust, that they have a right to immigrate to America - they have no right whatsoever. The rude, disrespectful behavior of these illegals is not the type of disloyalty we accept from our immigrants. This lack of care for American law and our citizens does not show assimilation to America’s way of life our traditions and the very character of our nation.

We now have illegals aliens in public office, how is that even possible? Are we to assume from this that if you are a card-carrying Communist from Russia, you could hold public office in California, or is it restricted only to Mexicans? All of this goes from the ridiculous to the obscene. Illegal Mexicans on Fox News demanding protection for illegals, demanding “rights” for them and representation. Demanding? America actually spends time, effort, and money on illegals - which we are already doing by the billions of dollars spent on food healthcare and education for them, while our veterans are not treated with the same respect and that of these illegals who seem to have more rights than American citizens.


This chart shows the cost to taxpayers, in every state, totaling over 40 billion dollars that went to support illegal aliens and their children last year. These state expenses to the taxpayer do not include the billions of federal tax dollars necessary to support illegals in America. There are numerous essential projects and expenses for which these billions could be used; one example would be dental care for all veterans. Currently, only those veterans who have been in combat received dental care. We seem to forget that those also served who stand and wait. What about prosthetics and aftercare for those who have lost limbs while serving rather than having the servicemen and women depend on civilian organizations like the “Wounded Warrior Project” to get needed help. It seems, however, that America would much rather take care of illegals rather than the servicemen and women who provided us with our freedoms. Is there any need to mention that we have one in five children going hungry every day in America. It doesn’t appear we have money to help our children,but, there seems to be sufficient funding to provide for illegal aliens who have no business in America, etc.

Children coming across the border alone are being placed all over America, some even in questionable and dangerous circumstances. These children will then be allowed to remain in America, grow up, and under Chain Migration bring in additional relatives, who probably sent them to circumvent our immigration laws. As unscrupulous as this action is, as recognizable as it is, we are just ignoring it and allowing it to continue to take place. The children must be forced to remain on the Mexican side of the border from where have attempted to cross into America. Mexico is responsible for any non-Mexican who attempts to pass through their country to get to the American border so that if America refuses these children or any others who try to enter America, they will be returned or refused entry.

The immigration situation in America is fraught with ignorance,  stupidity, indulgence, political agendas, social, and nationalistic chicanery; all of which are detrimental to our American way of life. Our tolerance and patience have allowed some 10,000 MS-13 criminals, vicious, sadistic murderers, into our country. We know where these people are and their intentions toward America, so why hasn’t our government rounded up these criminals and deported them?

These illegals show up on television, radio, and in the streets, during protests, while making demands and law enforcement ignores them – something is very very wrong when we see and hear and know the location of these criminals and do absolutely nothing. This lack of inaction merely encourages even more of their criminality to continue while others march during protests and fly Mexican flags snubbing their noses at our laws and the American people - all while making demands, not asking but demanding we give them what they want - simply outrageous.
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