This is an "Assault Weapon                                                                          This is NOT!
The idea of gun control has been around in America since the old west began to become civilized – the likes of New York City in Dodge City, Kansas. Marshals, Sheriffs, then Police started to become the arm of law enforcement for the community. It was cumbersome to carry iron, and the new frontier woman was becoming more aware of what they thought civility in the old west should become. So, little by little, encouraged by wives and girlfriends, men bought suits and left their guns at home.
Cities and towns started to post laws; 'No guns in city limits,' the result, a number of dead sheriffs, deputies, and citizens. It seems that criminals liked gun free zones even then. It’s interesting to consider that when a heinous crime occurred, that is the deaths of men, women, and children, there was no outcry for gun control, it was, “Form a posse, get your guns.” It was easy for anyone to get a gun; you sent twenty dollars to Sears and Roebuck, and they would mail it to you. No background check, no registration, no waiting period.
Kids were given their own guns at nine or ten years of age, some even younger; at this age, the same kids could walk into any hardware store and purchase ammunition; the 2nd Amendment at its best.
 Where are we today?

Look at the three rifles above. They are the same weapon in a different dress. The State of Connecticut bans one of them and accepts two because it looks like a military weapon. This type of political nonsense is the same the AR-15 faces because the Left, supported by the liberal media, continue to call it an 'assault weapon.' As shown in the headline above, distinguishing a real 'assault weapon' the M16 from the non-military AR-15.


The emotional outcry for more gun control is just that; an emotional demand exacerbated by anti-gun advocates. Both have no basis in attempting to bring down the 2nd Amendment or to attenuate it by regulations and illegal laws. No law or restriction may infringe upon the 2nd Amendment that includes 'all' Americans. Regulations such as preventing the mentally impaired, murders, rapists, pedophiles, etc., may be established, but they cannot impinge on all Americans as laws, regulations and other restrictions as they are currently.


The U.S. Supreme Court's rulings on gun control are not only a violation of the 2nd Amendment, but are based on socio-political influence and not on their responsibilities as Justices. Their opinions are blankets covering every American Citizen and totally an illegal violation of the 2nd Amendment.

The Government that is passing laws to take limit or otherwise regulate gun ownership from all American Citizens is the United States Government. The 2nd Amendment was created to protect us from our Government's abuse of People by the Government, and while the 2nd Amendment has assiduously been eroded over the years. Taking all citizens rights to guns ownership by any surreptitious intentions and emotional rationale is a violation of our Constitution. It shows the Government’s plan to grab our guns so that we can no longer protect ourselves from the Government that takes them in violation of that law that protects us from them – some Catch-22.

The Founding Fathers were a brilliant bunch; they saw this coming. The rule of law in our case, “…they’ll take my gun out of my cold dead hand.” Red Dawn – and we may be reduced to just that; we have protected that right here in America and all around the world.


The rationale of restricting eighteen (18) year-olds, is at best Hypocritical. The age requirement should not be a socio-political decision; restricting 18 year-olds then handing them an M-16 and sending them to war as cannon fodder is an excessive strain on the common sense of our 2nd Amendment.


The Dark State, the Swamp, political corruption, miscreant FBI, political elites, and so many others, moving to bring America to the future and further potential perpetration of abuse on us by our Government. It emphasizes the need for Americans to be well armed to protect themselves and our freedoms by force of arms should it become necessary.

The Government of the United States of America is the very Government from which our Founding Fathers protected the American Citizen with the 2nd Amendment. The Founding Fathers were worried that the American Government might evolve into a ‘people by the Government.’ “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The 2nd Amendment to the United States Constitution allows American citizens to protect themselves from a Government moving to usurp our Democracy and ‘The Bill of Rights – protection by force of arms by American Citizens if needs be. The United States Government, therefore, is guilty of assiduously attenuating the 2nd Amendment by skullduggerous political rationales, pandering to the ‘fad’ of fear.
NO AMERICAN GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO “INFRINGE” ON AN AMERICAN’S RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Every law that infringes on the 2nd Amendment is in direct violation of the United States Constitution: That right which protects Americans from their (own) government. Therefore, the United States Government nor the United States Supreme Court has the legal standing, or right, to infringe or otherwise restrict an American Citizen from keeping, owning, or by restrictions, i.e., limiting the amount of ammunition, or clip size, etc., to obstruct their use. And yes, ‘you can’t scream fire,’ in a crowded theater, is understood. The restrictions being contemplated will affect all, American Citizens not just those who ‘scream fire.’
The question has come up in the courts (Government), with rationales to provide restrictions considered as safeguards to the public interest. These rationales violate the very purpose of the 2nd Amendment – by the very Government from which that Amendment protects every American Citizen. Indeed, it is apparently a clear violation by use of a socio-political U.S. Government manipulation and thereby illegal for any such law or laws to exist. Therefore, any determination, even by the Supreme Court of the United States of America is merely a Governmental rationale for infringement. While ‘screamers of fire,” may meet a reasonable rationale, as applicable to the 2nd Amendment, it cannot include all American Citizen, as these new laws demand. The Militia of which the 2nd Amendment referred, was made up of civilians, not military personnel (soldiers), civilians with better rifles (guns) than our Government Soldiers.
There are battles where the Militia succeeded and failed to live up to the expectations of the (Government’s) military. However, there were also occasions in which better-armed civilians turned losing battles to victory. The battle of Fort McHenry in the Chesapeake Bay during the War of 1812 (the event caused the writing of the "The Star-Spangled Banner"), where a single civilian prevented the defeat of Fort McHenry and thereby prevented the British from taking over the port of Baltimore, Maryland. A landing by the British at that port would have been behind George Washington’s lines in New York, assuring the defeat of America by the British. And of course, the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, where a small group of civilians, again with better rifles than the American soldier of the time, stood against 8,000 trained British soldiers to win the day and America’s freedom.
The U.S Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, however, was not written for the purpose of civilian’s fighting wars, but from a Government that would take or restrict an American Citizen from protecting himself from Government with abuse such as what the Government is planning now, for all American Citizens. Making further emphasis on the subject of the 2nd Amendment; the amendment was to protect Americans from the future possibility of miscreant behavior by the Government. The abuse that has developed, concerning gun control, over the years, is obviously an effort to reduce possible civilian defense against a government which is emerging in today’s politic by Governmental abuse. As just one example, before you eliminated it, the Government controlled every drop of water, every puddle in the United States by an abusive regulation. That type of abuse (by regulations and DOJ and FBI ), is where the United States Government has been heading for years, ‘People by the Government,’ forgetting that it is, Government by the People.
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