The policy of The Republic Standard News consists of commentary on political, social and governmental news, issues, and policy, consistent with Supporting The United States Constitution and America's Endemic Ethos. Opinions, as redacted by the authors, are intended to provide these comments in a neutral manner supporting no political party or entity. There is no doubt that we will offend: Not observed in our comments is political correctness, as it represents a pernicious belied, beguiling brinkmanship inconsistent with intelligence and common sense. We will, however, offer solutions to issues with the intention of providing an alternative précis to hundreds of pages found in laws, regulations, and orders. These are of such complexity as to be simply inherent government prolixity, and in turn, become a mélange with a nexus and milieu to unintended consequences of their original intentions. Our goal is also to provide suggestions, make demands for change, as well as exposing issues.
Language will be direct and offensive to some, while succinct and understandable to others; the consequence of the current mental state of some fifty percent of America’s population. Considered as an American virulent pandemic disease with symptoms of stupidity; ignorance; racism; bigotry;  foolishness; moronic,  imbecilic and scrofulous characteristics;  lack of common sense; absolute arrogance and violence.  Behind the evaluation of this matter is the observance of fear and apprehension by this group. The outstanding basic element of this disease is the feeling people express in that of having prescience, supported by vituperative and truculent speech, as well as the outrageous actual belief of non-existent future issues to be pressed upon them - what is worse is the creation of problems based on the sheer bunk, their chimerical. 
Our commentary is for those having the mental stability of cognitive comprehension; common sense; the ability to address issues with fairness, and love of our country. Unfortunately, this group faces the insurmountable task of reaching those not affected by the syndrome associated with the adage, “Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” There is little hope for these persons – the hope of stopping the spread of this disease to those others susceptible to the ranting trumpery inculcated in those infected is our concern. While this disease is not only spread by propinquity, etc., the ever-present more insidious proliferation of the disease is the issue of supporting a 'fad;' that zeal of the collective in belief and participation in a "fad" based protest which supports the "fad."
There is no doubt that some will find our recommendations and solutions egregious, outrageous, foolish, stupid, with bigotry, prejudice, as well as various and sundry dangers. However, there is always common sense to be considered, as well as reality -  a reality that provides actual common sense guides to necessity, rather than misguided, dangerous idealism.
Our comments can easily be construed as harsh and against the American trait of empathy, forgiveness, lack of charity and lack of tolerance -  on which so many places their objections and participation in riots. These riots and protest marches are without any semblance of the use of intelligence or common sense, but instead, the lemming pursuit of a Leftist propaganda, disinformation, fake news, rumor, and the belief in their knowledge of prescience – which is nonexistent in reality. 
We invite and encourage comment, some of which, both positive and negative,  will be addressed and to which we will respond.
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"Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech; which is the Right of every Man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or controul the Right of another: And this is the only Check it ought to suffer, and the only Bounds it ought to know...."
Silence Dogood
 New-England Courant - July 9, 1772
Supporting The United States Constitution and America's Endemic Ethos
Editorial Policy
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