As Americans, we recognize the words ‘nationalism’ and ‘isolationism,’ after all this is a chant heard ‘round the world describing President Trump’s efforts to stabilize America’s financial crisis. In America, the left’s, progressive, liberal, socialist, Democrat and Communist's, who hate President Trump, use these terms to denigrate the President position for “Making America Great Again.” So how did President Trump become our fireman? It is obvious that the President follows the principle that you, “Don’t worry about what color you’re going to paint the barn, until you first, put out the fire.” And his attempt to put out America’s fires are a financial and power danger to the Democrat and Republican Party elites who don’t need to be exposed.
America’s swamp is not only on fire; it is a conflagration! According to the latest news, we have just been made privy to criminal, subversive acts by Democrats and Republicans. On top of the list are elite members of the FBI, DOJ, Mueller all protecting Bill and Hillary Clinton; Loretta Lynch, James Comey, as well as high-ranking deep-state members of Congress, including some Republican elites. James Comey’s rational, “…because it would pit the FBI against the “rest of Washington D.C.” due to so many high-level politicians implicated in Clinton’s crimes.” [sic]; so Comey became an accessory and ignored their crimes, in fact, abetted them.  
Comey pusillanimous decision to give these political criminals a pass and put them above the law. His purpose, in and of itself, is a criminal act which Comey subordinated these crimes to non-existent a clear (by his own words) case of obstruction of justice. These actions support the contention that corruption in politics is running rampant, with collusion, obstruction, pandering, and backroom deals. While some of the activities are blatantly illegal, others are merely just scrofulous, that morally corrupt act of political skullduggery.
The public demands on President Trump who, not being a professional politician (thank God), and in on the benefits of being corrupt, threatens to expose this coterie. These politicians have a unifying, and shared interest in personal financial benefits of the expansion of government power; they are enervating the United States Constitution in an attempt to provide Orwellian, and “Atlas Shrugged” government’s absolute control over the public to which this group of elites holds sway.    
Another fire the President is trying to put out, in spite of themselves, are those who, so vehemently hate him without cause. One has to wonder why; but the answer is, to anyone with a modicum of intelligence, the negative biased news media. Their prejudice is pernicious and evident to everyone, but the lemming left: This is merely a dangerous and continuing obsessive “fad” created hatred by the Democrat party and others opposed to President Trump. America’s Top Fireman, President Trump, is continually putting out the country’s fires and one has to admire everything he has accomplished against such profound opposition. 
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