Something Americans better start realizing is the damage done by New muslims to Paris, France. This was a beloved city millions of people all over the world – which today has become a disaster. The parents we all knew and loved is gone. As you look at these photographs, this is the story of Paris today. Get off the subway and step into the street and you see armed military personnel because the country is under martial law. Walked around the crowded Paris Street and you don't see Parisians what you see is New muslims crowding the streets. Stand before the Eiffel tower you see no tourists. Go to the Notre Dame Cathedral and you find the steps crowded with New muslims just sitting around...
Muslim women covered from head to toe in their Muslim mufti giving the sign of victory over the French in taking over what was once for the most beautiful cities in the world. The famous approach to the Eiffel tower littered in garbage of the parts of the city with beautiful grass areas look like the city dump while the streets are lined tend to protect cover the illegals, those New muslims were allowed to stay.
This is not the "American in Paris" of Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron; the streets and boulevards like the Champs Elysees are not filled with tours and gaiety but With New muslims learning how to take advantage of the French government as we see here in America and our southern border. Tourists are rarely seen, as in the scenes the crowds are hostile and confrontational with Paris gendarmes. Masses of homeless immigrants huddled together creating unsanitary conditions in their wake.
For the traveler coming to Paris whether it's the view of a home being made out of a phone for the young New muslim gangs carrying sticks with which to attack their victims, the dangers to tourists and French citizens alike are now a customary scenes of the once beautiful Paris. The city lights has lost its glitter!
But Paris is not the only city or for that matter country that suffers from the influx of New muslims. Here in America, Dearborn, Michigan is overrun by the New muslims who have been forced on the American people by an ill advised President obama whose Muslim leanings and anti-American feelings have led to importing hundreds into our country. They have nothing in common with America, they work for our destruction and their overtaking of our nation by any means. They've infiltrated our government and are on the verge of electing a Muslim governor of Michigan. Too many there is no doubt that they will succeed by simply stuffing the ballot box with those imported to the state overwhelm the election.
It does not matter to these New muslims what skulduggerous, miscreant, mendacious and Machiavellian attack they use to succeed. There are far too many Americans who refuse to recognize the danger they present. They don't assimilate to America they maintain their own enclaves and you are warned not to try and walk through there "no go zones" peacefully. Their allegiances is to their religion, and their religion is to make all nonbelievers either slaves or dead. They are more than aware of how to use our laws against us in order to destroy us.
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