Dear Mr, President,
You are a brilliant businessman who deals in common sense and good judgment. However, as concerns the Mueller investigation, you are stepping into the realm of Machiavellian Deep State, Swamp and unscrupulous politics. These are people whose skulduggerous purpose is obvious; all their actions have been to attempt to usurp the office of President of the United States. President Trump, that's you they are trying to dislodge. Please, under no circumstances are you to sit down personally with any form of Mueller investigation, regardless of what the Beltway experts tell you or or you think has some benefit. May I humbly plead, along with millions of other Americans, in asking you not to appear before any Mueller committee or investigation. No matter how they look or seem, they will be a trap. And no matter how well versed you are, they are professionals at setting traps for people who speak honestly. The heat you take,or your taking now, will be nothing compared to the nonsense that will follow should you make the mistake of appearing before before that bunch of hatchetmen. In fact, it will be the only platform Democrats have in the coming election; just more, “Hate Trump” rhetoric. The public is tired of hearing that as the only thing the Democrats have to offer. Certainly it adds nothing to their platform except what you will provide when Mueller gets through manipulating your testimony.
I am just an ordinary American citizen, one of whom you spoke to directly during your campaign for the presidency, and who represents the feelings of millions of those of us who support you; for them, as well as myself, I would like to recommend the following;
1) Fire and replace US Attorney General Sessions immediately: During his tenure; he has recused himself from the Russia investigation; failed to provide one grand jury or even a single indictment. We should have already seen jury trials set for Hillary and Bill Clinton including, if for nothing else,  the Clinton Foundation violations. However, ignored, have been the server in her basement; the loss of thousands of emails; participation in Uranium One scandal; the Russia dossier (which Hillary and the DNC funded), to disrupt the federal election process. Those facts alone indicate that Hillary and the DNC should have been charged with interfering in a federal election, and by now, tried convicted and on their way to prison; and what about their (confessed to)  interference in Bernie Sanders election run. Following the commissioning of the Russian dossier to use against you and after your election, a further attempted use of the dossier has been to disrupt your office as President. Because of US Attorney General Sessions’ negligent, the dossier has continued to be used in obtaining phony FISA warrants and the instigation of the Mueller Russia investigation, which should have ended months ago. In business, you would have fired anyone this incompetent and so neglectful of their fiduciary responsibility to the law he represent and American people.

2) There are two people (Peter Strzok and Lisa Page),  who should be criminally charged with interference in a federal election and attempted usurpation of the office of the President of United States. Again Sessions has done nothing, no investigation, and no charges.

3) The following list of persons who should also be fired or dismissed immediately, and charges brought against those involved in what could be considered a cabal are, Mueller, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Lynch, as significant participants in obstruction of justice, malfeasance in office, abrogation of their oath of office, as well as, no doubt, others.
Any decent prosecutor could put all of these people in prison where they deserved to be. These are not honest people; they are as pernicious as the definition indicates; highly injurious, destructive, irreparable, evil and, an insidious influence on society.
Should any normal, average, regular, non-politician, American citizen do what these persons have done, by now, they would all have been in federal prison. Again, the question is, where are the indictments, where are the jury trials? Jury trials will bring out all the evidence necessary, “a special counsel” is not necessary. Twelve men and women good and true will give us all the investigation and evidence needed to bring these questions to fruition in the guilty to the gates of the prison in which they belong.
Open Letter to President Trump
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