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This three wheeled hybrid scooter is a 60 mph, 100 mpg, great ride. It's wide stance provides exceptional visual safety much like the smart car. The rider sits high enough to be easily visible to regular car traffic unlike a motorcycle. It is well lighted as necessary for daylight with reflective bright lighting highly visible at night.   
Opportunity to Invest in a New American Enterprise
This small group of technologically oriented American entrepreneurs is marching forward in what is becoming our country's move to bring back manufacturing. Berylline is one of the small companies which is the beginning of Americaís production of those imported products that are so prevalent in our country sold to us by other nations. The company is attempting to raise just over 1.7 million dollars by selling stock at $3.40 per share with a minimum investment of $34.00.
It's excellent an opportunity to support the launching of a new 'Made in America' product. It doesn't require a massive investment, just the kind of investment that most of us can afford to take a chance in the future, to see our fellow Americans start another small business on the road to success, and hopefully substantial profits. These small new businesses are the backbone of America's growing economy and job growth.
Supporting new entrepreneurs such as Berylline is not only essential for our opportunity of financial benefit, but for the added influx to the marketplace of new and better expansion into the markets that are so controlled by foreign countries.
America has always led the world in new technology and competition, however, over the years as America has attempted to help countries around the world, we have moved our production to those countries. Look at China and how, through bad trade agreements, America has been responsible for making them the powerful nation they have become. Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, India, Japan, China, Korea, and others have benefited from America's assistance for the last seventy-three years, while we have suffered a downtrend in our economic standing.
America is now starting to come back. Under the strong leadership of President Trump, equalization in trade is becoming a reality, new jobs, bringing back our steel industry and manufacturing, as well as encouraging investment in our entrepreneurial endemic. All these new companies have a bright future in America's financial growth. Help these new companies to push America forward into new prosperity. Letís Make America Great Again!
Hybrid Scooter
Economical Three Wheeled Hybrid Scooter Hits the Market
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