The democrat communist party
Above, is the new symbol for what the Democrat Party has become. Whether you are a Democrat, Progressive, Liberal or Socialist, you are a minion of the Communist Party. Obstructionism, Resistance, Diversity, Racism, are only surreptitious parts of the duplicitous appellation for Communism.

As the Democrat Party continues its promise to defy President Trump at every turn, it becomes obvious that they put the party line above the interests of the American People. While DACA holds America hostage, its value to our country is at best, more of a problem than it is worth. The DACA and illegals are valuable future voters to the Democrat Party – that is their only value to America. The basis of their ignorance in supporting the Democrat Party is on the misguided belief that Democrats are actually going to help them, which is the absurdity of liberal propaganda.

While on the subject of DemoCommuns’, the Black community support them because of the same absurdity from liberal propaganda. They don’t realize that the Democrats, now DemoCommuns’ formed the KKK, voted to maintain slavery until a Republican President name Abraham Lincoln force the passing of the Emancipation Proclamation,
which freed the slaves. In1955-59 this same political party took credit for the civil rights movement laws for which the Republican party actually responsible. Ignorance of history has damaged the Black community for fifty-eight years, thinking that the Democrat Party (DemoCommuns’) were their friends. So, what have they ever done for the Black community but get them to vote for the party?

These new DemoCommuns’ are now plotting, planning and supporting what can only be called a political “Coup” against President Trump. It is obvious the FBI, DOJ and other government elites have formed a cabal to overthrow the President of the United States after they couldn’t fix the election against him.

But, where is the Grand Jury, where are the indictments, where are the jury trials, and where are the prison sentences.? Is Sessions up to the task? Why are so many of those involved still on the job and not in prison? Why is the Muller investigation still going on, since it is doubtless a sham based on a phony report which lead into an illegal FISA warrant? Why doesn’t President Trump dismiss Mueller investigation,  as it was based on a fake dossier? And why isn’t Sessions having Hillary and obama indicted?
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