The immigrants that made America great did not want to change America; they did not demand their language be accepted and used in America; they did not demand special considerations be made because their families were split up, and NOT because they knew they could sneak over the border and take advantage of America’s beneficent nature for food, clothing, free medical care, and free education even college, pay no taxes, work illegally and send money back to their former home and family, then cry and protest about how badly they were treated here in America and how much they hated it because of prejudice and bigotry.

The rationale for accepting illegals today goes from the ridiculous to the obscene. Governor Abbott, close down the borders, shut off every illegal entry point, save the hundreds of millions of dollars this outrage costs Texans, our healthcare, education, veterans care, poor, and infrastructure.  Unfortunately there is pandemic disease that has permeated our nation, that of stupidity and ignorance. We can't take care of our own poor children of which one in five go hungry daily. There is an old adage, "Don't worry about what color you're going to paint the barn till after you put out the fire." We cannot help others until our own house is in order.
When America's economy  was the greatest in the world, we gave and gave; we supported countries financially, we produced food and shared it, we supported our allies in war and fought along side. After WWII we were the greatest nation on earth. Now, we are in no position to be the magnanimous nation we were once. In order for America to once again be that America of 1945, we must first put out the fire.
by Edmond X. Ramirez Sr.

To the people of Dallas, Texas who are considering making the city a sanctuary city - are you out of your minds or simply ignorant, as well as stupid? My father came to Dallas from Mexico and worked hard to become an American Citizen - not a Mexican-American and begrudgingly, not even an American of Mexican descent. He loved this country to the point where he would have made John Wayne look like a Communist. He would tell my brother and me (both of us Korean vets, (my brother having passed away as a result of that, so-called "Police Action,"), but I can tell you, it was a war)) - America puts the food on your table, the clothes on you back, and the roof over your head - America is the country to whom you owe your allegiance. My father hated it when he learned that schools in Texas were using tax-payers money to teach Mexican children in Spanish rather than in English. He came here, learned English and insisted that his family learn the language without an accent. He demanded that our family, including aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, assimilate and become real Americans. My father exemplifies a real American immigrant.

I cannot accept any rational for allowing "illegal immigrants" to come to America - none what-so-ever. It is asinine trumpery to bring up how our country is made up of immigrants, as a defense, for supporting those who come to America illegally. Immigrants who developed this nation all had the following attributes: they all wanted desperately to come to America, to become Americans; to assimilate to America’s way of life; to accept America’s laws and Constitution; to swear allegiance to America; to learn to speak English. Those immigrants sacrificed to come to America; they sacrificed even more to become American citizens.
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