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Get Out of America
By B F Benevolus
Here is a partial list of undesirables who have said they would leave The United States of America if Donald Trump were to be elected president. Well, President Donald Trump was elected and has taken office. These foolish people should be leaving or preparing to leave in order to fulfill their most emphatic ranting, promises to leave America; as yet, not one of these mendacious (lying) individuals has even been seen to prepare to leave – much less leave. That of course, is to our regret.

Millions of Americans have been awaiting the exodus of these foolish individuals, as well as those others who have also pledged to leave and not listed. Living in the heady world in which they reside, has left them unaware of the reality of life. Most of us do not live in a world of fantasy, make-believe or dreams, etc., we, in actuality, have to live; to raise families; make ends meet and maintain a moral society. We do not associate with politicians, we stand back and suffer the consequences of their illegal and illicit actions - as they pretend to do the work our Founding Father left them to do, with respect to the Constitution. Well, now obama is gone, and with President Trump, we have already been seeing some of America’s problems addressed.
The people on this list have a platform from which to expound, as well as perform. Assiduously inculcated, they have become the worse kind of liberal, progressive, Democrat; these political parties of government do not include the general population - as they would have you believe. Of course, the lemming of this ilk follow blindly as a result of truths and half-truths that seem so honest and worthwhile, but in reality, are a prelude to activities leading America into Communism, or Socialism.  

The majority of individuals on this list have made their millions from the public who has appreciated their work or pandered to them…because of their so-called status. The majority are scrofulous, unfaithful,  lecherous – arrogant and egotistical – some even have intelligence: Their so-called intelligence of course, is lacking in common sense. Their personality and charisma have seen them through almost any situation.  However, they are easily influenced to the “Dark Side.” Their feelings of superiority and intellectual prowess are, however, products created in their own minds, particularly as concerns prescience – which does not exist. As a result, millions of us wish them well on their way. Now,  if only if they would leave – please go, leave, leave  America to Americans who persevere – after all, we have persevered through eight years of obama.   

Alex Baldwin is another actor who hasn't accepted the fact that President Trump won and  is now in office. As a result of all his inculcagted Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, Communist leanings and agenda ,he continues his puerile  assault on President Trump - he didn't get his way - he is also welcome to leave.
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