The Jackass (forget the donkey), represents the Democrats and even some Republicans as concerns the current Tax Bill proposal.
  1. B. "Jackass" symbol used instead of words like "stupid people" so as not to offend
This article is a precis: The facts, which so far show that all Democrats and even some persons referring to themselves as Republicans may not vote to pass the new Tax Bill. It seems clear for all those who don't get the point, if this tax bill is not passed, next year, millions, tens of millions of Americans will lose the benefits the new Tax Bill provides.
Should the new Tax Bill pass, starting January 1, 2018, many Americans will enjoy its financial and other benefits. Moreover, cash in their pockets, but, and this is a big but, when the Tax Bill is not passed, NO ONE GETS ANY MONEY OR BENEFITS – it’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face. All this loss because of the hypocritical lie that only the rich will benefit, thus, causing some Americans to cut off their noses to spite their faces, demanding that the new Tax Bill should not be passed. 
Add to that, Dark State members of the Republican party that could, by voting yes, pass this bill (whether it suits them or not), might vote “no” because they can't get everything they wanted included in the new Tax Bill. Showing their puerile defiance by, “If I can’t get what I want, no one will get anything.” These politicians want to say "yes or no" to show that they had important issues passed by their efforts alone. They don't care that the American people were caused financial losses that could make their lives easier. Passing this Tax Bill could help pay for needed food, clothes, shoes for the kids, insurance, and more - but they have stopped the rich from receiving imaginary, higher, so-called tax breaks. Of course the main result is, you don't get any money at all. These politicians don't care about the American people, they only care about getting re-elected; after all the money and benefits are great and they are not as affected as the rest of Americans, because they are politicians.
Fools obsessed with hating the President show their unwarranted prejudice by the sheer ignorance of swearing to object and fight everything President Trump proposes, even the things we all know will help our country. The sole purpose of “just being obstructionists” vis-à-vis Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, the Dark State and their ilk, violates every principle of participating in America’s democratic government process.
Senators and Congressmen who have sworn to stop the President, and not to work with him under any circumstances, is asinine. These fools who refuse to work with President Trump and Republican members of the House and Senate are violating every principle of their sworn duty and have no place in government.
Every Democrat and every other politician who does not vote for the new Tax Bill should be thrown out of office. Every American should be angry. These obstructionists are taking money out of your pocket – and why are the American people being deprived of this money and benefits? This is all being done just to spite President Trump – that is what can only be called “rotten Washington politicians”  
We should all remember that we are the victims of political corruption and political ambition who are being deprived of the benefits of this new Tax Bill. Those voting no, have no business in making the laws of the land.

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