The DOJ and FBI cabal (def.  Artifices and intrigues of a group secretly united to bring about and overturn, or usurpation ((esp.)) in public affairs – a group, engaged in such activities) have come together for two primary purposes;
1. To prevent Donald J. Trump from becoming president;
2.  If Donald J. Trump were to be elected president, to overturn the election or usurp his position as President of United States of America.
As to purpose 1. Massive support for criticism against Mr. Trump launched by the media, as well as the Democrats and their candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. Numerous Deep State Republicans further supported Hillary’s phony Russia dossier - a fake dossier paid for by Hillary and the Democrat party indicating that Mr. Trump was in collusion with the Russians to fix the election in his favor.
Purpose 2. The fake dossier is being used daily to undermine and sabotage President Trump's presidency. What is worse, is that our most honored law enforcement agencies the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have led a federal criminal enterprise and joined forces with others in an attempt to usurp the President of the United States of America.  
One must consider the Machiavellian, duplicitous, skullduggeries, of Hillary, the Democrat party, as well as various and sundry Republicans; but, these were merely the public faces of the Dark State. The deepest, darkest, shadows, were the dangerous members of the conspiracy. Former Director of the FBI Comey; Deputy Director, McCabe; an FBI agent with his fingers in essential pies, Peter Strzok, the operational mechanic and prime hater of President Trump. There are others such as Mueller, Lynch, and Strzok who was one of only two investigators in Hillary Rodham Clinton criminal investigation who helped in giving her a pass on her illegal activities.
The rather sinister point is that the final report protecting Hillary was written before any investigation had ever taken place. Evidently, the FBI is endowed with prescience and can tell, that in a future investigation of Hillary, the FBI will find that she is innocent of any wrongdoing.
The malfeasance by this group is extraordinary, Strzok cleared the path for Comey to present an illegitimate exoneration of Hillary. The document was edited in a number of places to eliminate wording which involved describing criminal wrongdoing by Hillary thereby manipulating Hillary’s crimes as unintended errors. What Comey completely ignored was the fact that the crimes committed by Hillary do not require an intention, to make her guilty. Comey’s rationale for exonerating her was that Hillary had 'no intention’ involved in exposing sensitive documents or installing the server in private home basement. Naturally, this information was ignored to protect Hillary and keep her out of prison. What Comey and the other FBI agents did was illegal and punishable by fines and imprisonment. What Comey and the other criminals in this plot have done is so heinous, as the result of their position in the FBI, as to warrant severe punishment.
There is no question in that interfering with a federal election is against the law, but here we have four upper echelon FBI agents conspiring not only to fix an election but to provide insurance to usurp Mr. Trump should he be elected president. Another federal crime added to the numerous others these conspirators have already committed. This same offense, i.e., interfering in a national election was perpetrated by Hillary and the Democrat Party against Bernie Sanders. Millions of voters had their votes nullified by these perverse politicians.
We may never see the punishment Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton deserve for their crimes against our nation; far too many people are apt to be exposed and thereby prevent prosecution or even indictment.
The major crime by this group and others is the attempt to remove a sitting President by illegal means, yet, with this myriad of factual evidence, the reaction by U.S. Atty. Gen. Sessions seems non-existent. Any decent Federal prosecutor could have had an indictment against, Mueller and the rest of this group by now; all Americans including all politicians regardless of party affiliation should be gravely concerned and frightened at the aspect of what these criminals have done and attempted to do with help from the DOJ and FBI.
It's a very important issue for our safety and our liberty - obviously, if police and federal investigative agents can commit…crimes with impunity, where’s the rule of law? Who protects the people from their own government?
                                              Former U. S. Atty. Gen. Ramsey Clark
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