The FBI, as protectors of the American People, were negligent in their duty. It was not the young man who pulled the trigger, or that of the commonly referred to ‘AR-15’ (AR stands for ArmaLite rifle, NOT ‘ASSAULT RIFLE,’ OR ‘AUTOMATIC RIFLE’ – unlike military weapons it fire only one bullet per trigger pull, rather than full automatic -the same as many other privately own rifles), and it was absolutely not the .223 Caliber bullets that killed seventeen individuals – it was, in fact, the failure of the FBI to do their jobs.
Had the FBI processed the information correctly, not one bullet would have been fired; the young man would have instantly been arrested and held for investigation. There have been comments concerning confusion among law enforcement agencies and non-cooperation between these agencies. However, the ultimate responsibility remains with the FBI. Will we see ‘a’ scapegoat?

The emotional aspects of demand for gun control are just another ‘fad.’ We have seen Antifa; university riots; university prejudice, and bigotry denying speakers or opposing opinions; women’s marches, BLM, hatred of…, etc. But, at the President’s invitation, those present who made their opinions and concerns public, referring to the deaths, covered a broad spectrum. From demands for stricter gun control laws to change of current, various, and sundry American mindsets.

Return to prayer in school and pledge of allegiance became an incidental commentary amongst pundits, but the issue reminds us of when pride in our country and moral turpitude had meaning. But an inappropriate interpretation of the division of “church and state” by the U.S. Supreme Court (for political, societal, and illegal reasons – much like obamacare), obfuscated the purpose of our Founding Fathers. There is no doubt the Founding Fathers were referring to Cromwell's Puritan rule of England. In other words, that no church or religious group would rule the United States. Rather than the nonsense that religious sayings or markers of Ten Commandants were not allowed on government buildings or grounds, in schools and the many other governments’ religious restricted formats that have developed through the years. These changes and abuses of the original intentions of our Founding Fathers have continued to damage America’s moral character, as well as our very endemic ethos, ever since.

Look at what America has been through, and become in the last year. Hatred; riots; dishonest protection of Hillary Clinton; the DNC and Hillary’s elimination of Burney Sanders as a political Democrat rival for President. Then, of course, there is the part of corrupt government known as the swamp; the dark state and the liberal media lies and fake news. Including lies corruption and even a government (FBI, DOJ, Comey, Mueller, and others) cabal in the process of preventing the election of, and the overthrow of President Trump. What’s worse, is that there is much, much more, and that doesn’t even count the Russians and uranium deal. U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, where are the indictments?

When I was ten years old, having been born and raised in Texas, I, like many of my friends, was given a .22 caliber semi-automatic (like the AR-15) Winchester Model ’03; its capacity was 10 – 18 rounds and fired one bullet everytime I pulled the trigger. My friends all became expert shots, and almost everyone in Texas had or carried guns. The majority of homes had a gun or many, many guns, and a neighbor who protected or was being protected. Crimes and riots weren’t prevalent, and the vast majority of Americans were safe in their homes and on the street in big cities of towns.

The anti-gun proponents want to ban the AR-15’s citing that these weapons fire numerous rounds (bullets), and were used in school and theater shootings. However, they fail to mention that these shooters also had bombs and it is understood that even hand grenades type explosives were present. In one case it must be considered that if the killer had not had an AR-15, would, or could he have planted those bombs around the campus, blowing up several buildings and killing hundreds and hundreds of students?

Do we remember the Boston Marathon bombing where people were killed and hundreds wounded? AR-15s didn’t appear to be available to the bombers, so they improvised. Considered that C-4 (Plastic explosive), is as readily available as an AR-15 and just as highly protected as an AR-15 – does it make a difference? No! If you can’t get an AR-15, get C-4, just make your own bomb – it is very simple, and methods and types are available in thousands of websites and books. Banning the AR-15 is just more political and emotional claptrap.

Just a note here; while we are on the subject of the AR-15 issue; let’s remember that at one time the FBI couldn’t carry guns; after several were murdered, they were allowed to carry pistols. Of course the criminals then went to machine-guns, and finally, the FBI was armed as well as the criminals. In Mexico, it seems that despite the government the criminals can get any weapon they want; even the American government supplied the Drug Cartels with guns under the obama administration. Does this mean that criminals and others of that ilk in America will be able to outgun honest American citizens if the AR-15 type of weapons are banned? Yes, exactly! This AR-15 ban issue makes a ridiculous effort even more ridiculous for its lack of common sense over emotionalism.

Crime some years ago was mainly limited to murders (organizational or criminal), personal murders (husband, wife, friends, and enemies), knifings, bludgeoning, poisoning and bombing, hanging, etc. while robbery, burglaries, etc. were mainly non-violent. The killing of a policeman was unheard of, and punishment was black and white – not the massive gray we have today; this is where America’s character and morals have been eneverated. Our weakened state of morality and character is evident in our books, magazines, music, movies, and entertainment industries.

The problem to solve is not the AR-15, but the rebuilding of the very nature of America’s intentions by our Founding Fathers and the Constitution to make us the best democratic Republic in the world. Freedom, liberty, justice founded on a belief in God. America was founded as a religious nation, not on communism, liberalism, socialism, or the precepts of “1984” to the result of “Atlas Shrugged.” We as Americans must, of sheer necessity, get back to pride in being an American, in our flag and anthem. As well as tempering the ‘fad’ of hatred, intolerance, and ignorance which is currently permeating our nation. Our education system is in shambles, dumbing down our students – America is 17th in the world behind Korea and even 7th behind Poland.

But, let’s make it all about ‘gun control,’ that should keep attention off the rest of the mess America faces from America’s illicit government activities and that of others in and out of government.
"The buck stops here" U.S. President Harry S. Truman
       In this case, it is also true for the FBI
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