The following letter expresses the concerns of millions of Americans and even a number of politicians in both Parties.


Mr. President,           


Do not sign the budget bill; it is blackmail and a political trap. Tell the Congress and Senate that you will not sign that budget until;


The Military spending budget is increased and fully Funded for a reasonable time;

That the Pentagon budget must be reduced to a sensible amount;

That the Wall is to be fully funded (and by the way Mexico is paying for the wall whether they realize it or not);

 That there must be an increase in border security funding;

 That Sanctuary Cities must be defunded and penalize;

 That the Budget Community Development Block Grants must be stripped out of the bill,

 That Planned Parenthood must be Defunded;

 That obama’s transportation program is defunded or reduced whichever  is best for the country;

 That new regulations must be reduced from the bill as promised;

 That requirements to purchase guns is to remain at 18 years of age (if an 18-year-old can carry an M16 be wounded, die or just stand and serve his country he should be allowed to purchase a gun;

 That funding for a number of dubious programs must be cut from the bill;

 Finally, the bill will not be signed until the Democrats provide you with a guarantee to confirmation votes for all nominees.


Mr. President, these promises were made not only by you, but by the Republicans who were voted control of the house and senate to see these promises carried out. Tell them you will not sign a bill that does not meet these minimum promises. Advise them that it is they who shut down the government for not meeting their responsibility, and it is they who are forcing you not to sign the bill that does contain the promises made to the American people. If the government must be shut down, for a day, week or year, so-be-it until those promises are met.


Mr. President, confidence by the voters has been in your leadership as President and in the Republicans to provide what (we the voters) voted them into power to be accomplished, drain the swamp. America is not - ‘people by the Government’ - it is up to you Mr. President  to see these promises to the American people are fulfilled and to take America back to - ‘government by the people.’


You have withstood political rocks being thrown at you from all sides; now it is time to show America what a real leader does. Those of us who support you know of the courage it will take to stand on these points (of principle), we have all seen your leadership, these pusillanimous politicians will fail, they know a shutdown will lay on them as you batter them with the truth. This is the time when real history can be made; when a real President comes to the aid of his country and not some whining politician like obama.  The nation and many honest politicians are behind you; they know this bill is a disaster and when you face a bitter, truculent, vituperative, and morally contaminated opposition, the truth will out.

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