What are we learning from what has been taking place at the DOJ and FBI, our most prestigious law enforcement agencies? It is blatantly obvious that we have learned that the upper echelon of these agencies is entirely prejudiced (the softer less accurate word used is “bias”), hiding the fact that they are corrupt! Let us examine the words and how these pusillanimous individuals misrepresent their conclusions: 1.) def. bias; a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment: vs. 2.) def. prejudice; injury or damage resulting from some judgment or action of another in disregard of one's rights. What we are asked to believe, from the Inspector General’s Report, and Rod Rosenstein’s testimony on the DOJ/FBI, as well as others, is that the dangerous threats and prejudice (to prevent the election and usurpation of), President Trump did not affect the decisions made by these individuals in relation to their investigations. We are told, that the writers of these self-evident emails and their prejudice were not used to help Hillary and harm President Trump; this conclusion goes from the rediculous to the obscene.

All those exposed, in the DOJ and FBI including obama, Hillary, the DNC, and others, if indicted and tried by a jury, would no doubt, wind up in prison. No jury in America would be fooled into believing that the vile language hatred and pernicious prejudice brought to light in those emails would do anything other than negatively affect the decisions made by those individuals against President Trump.

The First Law to Protect Those in Government; visible, traitorous, and morally depraved leaders such as Luetta Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Page, Sttrzok, (Rosenstein, Mueller, are on the very edge), and others operate under one law prescribed by their political beliefs and prejudice. They operate unsupervised with no real oversight for their political agenda. They have developed a cabal within each organization which is to the detriment of the American people by surreptitiously using what can only be described as Machiavellian processes in an attempt to usurp the office of President Trump. Their law protects them with impunity.`

This pernicious activity was in three parts, 1.) Clear Hillary. 2.) Keep Trump from being elected. 3.) Should Trump be elected, an insurance policy was in motion to provide for his failure. This coterie was concocted at both FBI and DOJ. How deep this corruption seems to extend goes not only to the office of former president obama, but also includes Hillary Clinton and members of the Democratic National Committee.
The protection afforded Hillary Clinton was substantial and direct with numerous recalcitrant violations of criminal interference in both Hillary's email felonies and her leadership with the DNC in fixing the federal election process against Bernie Sanders and topped off by the phony Russian dossier. These dastardly acts have been covered up, some not even mentioned, but none-the-less still unquestionably violations under the law which require prison sentences.

The Democratic Party considers this issue as old news and insists that the Hillary case and her criminal activity should be, ignored; it does not matter to them that Hillary should already have been put in prison for her crimes. It does not matter to them that she is a criminal and should be punished - as Hillary's conviction would further exacerbate deterioration of the Democrat party.

The Second Law as Concerns Average Americans; usually a criminal matter in a number of ways; murder, mayhem, assault, rape, robbery, fraud, etc., and illegal entry into America and primarily all illegal crimes subject to punishment. Generally, this is the case with the polarity of prison, but not so with illegal entry deportation – that law is violated by the lack of caveat by the Democrat Party resistance, which does not recognize the danger to America the absence of enforcement represents.

What should concern the average American about the “Second Law,” is that should have any-of-us committed the illegal acts of obama, Hillary and others mentioned hereinabove, we would undoubtedly have been jailed immediately; this is the very essence of the Deep, as well as the Dark State. We, average Americans, do not have the same protection under the law, as the government elites – do we? No, you and I absolutely do not have that equal protection! Think about it for just a moment; Page and Strzok remained in office for over a year to continue their prejudiced work – they were not fired or even immediately indicted. Comey leaked classified documents, and lied, among other things, and yet, in light of all these crimes, he has not been indicted.

We are in the midst of President Trump’s second year and not one worthwhile indictment has been filed. The Russian indictments are now in court, with problems of providing them what is being called “classified” information by the government and cannot be turned over to the Russians.

We are now being told, by Mueller, that it will be another several months before a conclusion is reached on his investigation of the “Russian Collusion Case.” This entire Russian Collusion Dossier is BS “…fruit of the poison tree….” It has no legal standing as it is based on a false document paid for by President Trump’s political opponents (who are guilty of rigging Bernie Sander’s election attempt) and supported by the crooked members of the DOJ/FBI comitia and cabal; while obama, Hillary and others are also in the mix. The real question here is, will justice ever be served? Or will the Deep State simply continue with scapegoates and impunity?
The crimes are being committed - But there are no indictments!
Lies, mendacity, fibs, deception, whatever you wish to call it, is heinous DOJ/FBI nonsense (rather than “nonsense” the necessary adjective should be the vulgar more accurate word, “Bullshit” - defined as deceptive, misleading, disingenuous, unfair, false, even to the point of being (as in the case of the DOJ/FBI comitia, as well as cabal), pernicious.
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