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There is no doubt that those anti-Americans will consider this article as ‘stooping’ to some base level – however, let us believe that there are all races in this country. For this redaction, we are only considering those from Mexico, or of Hispanic descendancy because of current prominence, politically, racially, and legally, as well as in opposition, in support and media exploitation – but again, remember that this applies to all races in America.

The United States of America began as the melting-pot for all races. We started our societal structure with class differences and racism, as well as all the elements that were little by little overcome to the point that currently, all but a number of our blathering, boisterous society still shout about race issues – we have come a long way since the 1980’s. All of the harmful aspects which cause, bigotry, prejudice, corruption and provide entropy, or that process of degradation, running down or providing a trend to disorder and enervation, the very draining, of energy and vitality of our country’s ethos – the endemic for which America stands. Our current society is primarily influenced and governed by those few as is demonstrated by Devil’s Theory, the hypothesis in history that states that, …wars and other crises result, not from objective causes, but from the puerile, fatuous conduct of individuals, as well as pernicious politicians supported by the fake and liberal news. Those far too many foolish and misguided Americans who influence the general public and those in power contrary to the American’s characteristic, religious beliefs in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

America was and remains that melting-pot; a country that despite the perverse attempt to enable hatred here and abroad, by its vast majority, as a decent, freedom-loving, generous, Judaeo-Christian society that respects all religions and beliefs. However, there are those groups among us like Antifa, the KKK, the entertainment industry, political lemmings, the bias, prejudiced inculcated, the foolish religious and do-gooders, particularly the racially motivated, and others involved in hate mongering; those assiduously, by resorting to belied, beguiling rhetoric, who provide that hatred which would destroy the very foundation of this Republic. Those duplicitous blackguards who have surreptitiously advanced their nefarious ideals as the legitimate embodiment of America’s philosophy. These few provide the hegemonic miasma needed to promote their pernicious objectives.

Both Black and Hispanic communities have been influenced to develop hatred that is currently permeating America – as Americans we must think, ‘why is this or that person, group or organization’ promoting racism and hatred? What does it benefit me to be hated or to help breed hatred by accepting those who would traduce us? It took years to make the KKK irrelevant; they still exist; they still ply their hostility to the ignorant, stupid fools who would listen to them and support them, just like so many others, but real everyday Americans do not, in any way, accept or regard their malevolent ideology.

From hundreds of thousands of KKK members, White Supremacists and like organizations, they have dwindled to nasty nuisances. As with a barrel of apples from which we cannot help but having a few bad ones; real Americans abhor these groups and what they stand for – America’s enemies. Surreptitiously, at home and abroad, these bumptiously ignorant capitalize on those elements of our society to the benefit of their malicious racial, political agendas We Americans are a plethora of diverse, decent people! We must eliminate hatred, distrust, and hostility among ourselves; we must show the world that what made this Republic great is that to which every American aspires, the best of all egalitarian nations.

The following is merely a description to help clarify how Illegal Immigrants might understand the concerns of most Americans – we are a nation with open doors, but first, it must be followed by everyone, that it is necessary to have the key of legality to open America’s door.

Empirical Definations;

1. Illegals or Illegal Aliens (definition); Any person who crosses America’s borders without specific permission from the United States Federal Government.

2. Mexican Americans (term); a person either in America legally or illegally. Those persons who put their country or race, ahead of what is best, for the United States, its laws, and traditions rather than supporting that which is established for the common good of all American society – it is only by the rule of law and adherence thereto, that America can exist. These Mexican Americans have no interest in America’s laws and Constitution. These illegals only want what is unavailable in the country of origin. Good free schooling and health care they can’t receive in Mexico or other places, at the expense of the American Tax Payer. These illegals want to be able to work, to earn money (in too many cases, without paying taxes or social security), to support families in Mexico. Those millions of tax-free American dollars flow out of our country and in some cases arrangement is made for that money to be used to transport individuals and families the U.S. Border - the purpose, illegal entry. Illegals are unacceptable to Americans; they protest and do everything they can to get support from those legal Hispanic communities to protest in favor of their illegal cause. Not to mention the billions of dollars in excessive costs: costs which reach into every tax-paying Americans pockets and take their money no different than any common thief. After all, they provide more burden to all Americans, including legal Americans of Mexican descent and, could care less in doing so.

Consider this: Should someone come into your home and steal your money or valuables, thereby committing an illegal act, that person would go to jail, be deported or both. Illegal aliens steal your money in the form of government support, which provides social services, education, and healthcare– if we punish persons committing other illegal acts, what difference is there in the word Illegal for Illegal aliens and punishing them? Is it that for illegals, there is no ‘il’ in illegal?

3. Illegal Mexicans of Long Time Residency – are those who have been in the United States for years and have assimilated into American society, bring up God-fearing decent, hardworking families, paying taxes and living the life of ‘Americans of Mexican Descent.’ Then there are those families who put Mexican interests and loyalties ahead of American interests and its laws, making them Long Time Mexican Americans.

4. American’s of Mexican Descent – these are persons who have assimilated into American society and respect America’s laws. Like my father, a hard-working, tax-payer, who raise a family and was grateful for a country that puts the food on our table, the clothes on our backs and the roof over our heads; thankful for a country that allows a person to become anything that can be achieved. Most importantly, they are those persons who do not approve of illegal’s, who, by their very presence, their very protests, their demands to take advantage of America and its laws, create and augment racial tension and exacerbate racism.
Thousands of American’s of Mexican Descent have served proudly in every branch of our armed services, and many have given their lives in defense of this country – over 39, have received the highest honor this country can bestow on military personnel, ‘The Congressional Medal of Honor.’

There is no question that those of us of Mexican Descent (AND HERE IT MUST BE REPEATED, or of any descent for that matter) cannot find pride in our heritage – my grandfather, Francisco Benavides, fought with Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata; as a mayor appointed by Villa, he escaped an assignation attempt and immigrated to America – legally. My grandfather, Don Ramirez was a Federal Judge in Mexico City – the Ramirez de Benavides families are scattered all over Mexico, Texas and other parts of the United States. My uncles, cousins, brother and I have all served in the U.S. Military…we served and still serve our country, the United States of America.

It took years and sacrifice, as well as financial expense for the immigrants of my family to become American Citizens during the depression. My father taught my brother and me, inclusive of seeing to it that all the children of the Ramirez and Benavides families learned ‘English, without an accent’ – and we all did so – he would tell us, ’You are ‘Americans of Mexican Descent.' You are not wetbacks, Chicanos, greasers, or anything else, just Americans whose family happens to come from Mexico.’ As a child, I learned that my mother had inherited a land grant that dated back to Emperor Maximilian of Mexico – resulting in exciting arguments between family members…however since her father served with the army of Benito Juarez, all was forgiven.

Thousands and thousands of Americans of Mexican Descent (as with all races who live in this country) serve this country by living the American way; looking for and finding some part of, or all of, the American dream. They work hard to provide for their families, pay their taxes respect their religion and that of others; they take pride in their ancestry but do not put it before interests of their country, America…that is what it means to be an American.

The above is true for all races in this country; an ‘illegal immigrant’ is that person in question who is in our country illegally, thus, breaking the ‘law’; a crime against our society. There is no mitigation!

It is bad enough that ‘stupid governors’ (leaders of the community with a moral and most importantly, an ethical responsibility), in this country, condemn the law. The simple ‘fact’ that they were obviously so ignorant of that law or worse yet, ignorant of what was in the law and what it meant, that they jumped on to the ‘profiling bandwagon,’ solely for political advantage and for that alone. Their total lack of political decency, moral turpitude, which is so evident by their conduct in this matter and contrary to expected community standards of justice, honesty, and good moral character, have, by their beguiling brinksmanship, augmented racism in this country.
Those Mexican American Mayors who protest against laws in favor of illegals are only interested in their political careers and how many votes they can garner by taking a racist position, knowing precisely what ‘illegal’ means. They pander to ‘Whites’ who want to appear to be non-racist and to anyone else that tries to jump on the race-bandwagon for their agendas – one must also consider that by boycotting Arizona’s products, they also put other Americans of Mexican Descent out of work – intimidation mayhaps – now that’s political racism of the worst possible kind! Does BLACKMAIL ring ever so true; are threats and attempted intimidation the American way?

These Mexican American Mayors, as well as other politicians like them, vis-à-vis the governors boycotting the ‘Governor’s Conference in Arizona’ can only speak to their demarche, by this perverse action. This belying type hegemony, by an oligarchy, demonstrates the depth to which these recalcitrant politicians will stoop to pander to those who support the breaking of America’s laws. These politicians have no shame; they are merely political criminals violating their fiduciary responsibilities to the office they hold – duplicitous political scoundrels, scrofulous politicians.

The trumpery surrounding this issue benefits only those blackguards who proliferate our government and our society. The ill-informed, the stupid, vis-à-vis the Ohio County Supervisor Peggy West, arguing for her city to boycott Arizona because she insists that Arizona does not border on Mexico and feels that Arizona has no right to pass a law that protects their borders. (‘O’ma Goooosh, Arizona does border on Mexico,’ to quote today’s youth) – just another example of officials who don’t know what they’re talking about and have political influence on our lives. Deep in this Illegal quagmire; ignorance abounds, and the lemmings will surely follow…

What should convince every American,
that the Arizona law on immigration is valid is,
that so many Hispanic countries are joining in on attacking it…

The most outrageous aspect of the Illegal issue – Hispanic countries who are knee-deep in drugs, civil rights violations, death squads and so many human rights abuses that it's like a bank robber objecting to being caught…and they’re supporting illegal’s. These countries, some of whom have immigration laws that are so strict as to make ours look non-existent and who just don’t want the U.S. to have any immigration laws what-so-ever – how else can they get rid of a population they can’t support, or, have U.S. money sent back to support their financial shortcomings.

What part of illegal don’t they understand – would any American like to do something illegal in any one of those countries and receive that country’s ‘just punishment for doing so’?

These Hispanic governments are complaining about laws that protect our country – again – for their beneficial agendas and to the detriment of this country. Think of their interference in our country. Since when do Americans appreciate or accept another country’s surreptitiously attacking us with our laws? Have we, as Americans, really become that dull? That foolish? That ridiculously stupid?
Why, as Americans, are we not greatly offended by these actions – keep in mind that between the Illegal’s as distinguished from ‘American’s of ‘any’ descent’ are the very persons, along with all those misguided fools who are creating ‘Race Problems’ between real Americans, (currently, most obviously, Mexicans), and other races.

Our Mantra Should be

”Let’s put out the fire before we worry about what color to paint the barn and stop illegal immigration!”