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The Mobs Are Running America
Into the Dirt
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The mess America is in these days started before the 2016 presidential election. Both the Democrat and Republican parties were up to their ears in trying to put up a candidate that could win. However, the Democrats were sure it would be Hillary R. Clinton while the Republicans ran out a plethora of candidates for review by the electorate
The Democrat party ran into a problem early in the process when Bernie Sanders decided to bring Democrat Socialism into the Democrat party election picture. Needless to say, Hillary didn’t much like the idea of an opponent on her ticket and decided to break the law and force Bernie out of the running.  Of course, most people involved in fixing a Federal election would go to prison, but this was, after all,  Hillary R. Clinton, protected, by the FBI elite – so, no worry. The DNC did as Hillary told them as she controlled all the bucks in their treasury – and, after all, she would be President. Bowing to Hillary was certainly better than all the deaths that seem to follow anyone about to testify or defy her will
Of course, there was a backlash to the Bernie fiasco, his supporters finding out what took place were less than happy. But after Bernie was so gracious as to begin supporting Hillary, and offers were made for Bernie supporters to take revenge on the Democrats by voting for Republicans, things returned to basic rotten politics. And any mention of the illegal election fixing disappeared from the ever so fair and impartial liberal media news.
Meanwhile, the Republicans candidates were falling off the debate stage like picking ducks off at a carnival shooting gallery. Trump’s rhetoric was hitting home, rough, crass, direct to the point with a great lack of diplomacy. As Trump made more and more headway, the Republicans knew he would never win but was disrupting their process and might split into a third party. To restrain Trump, the Republicans came up with a rather devious plan, get Trump to sign a pledge, to give his word. The idea was that all Republicans would pledge to support the Republican nominee for president if Trump promised not start a third party.
Trump and every Republican said they would abide by the pledge – their word of honor was now on the line, and there would be no third party.  One by one fell the Republican candidates by Trump’s no-nonsense political directness. While he offended many fuddy-duddy Republicans, the Democrats were rejoicing at what they considered Trump’s brash, course, non-political elite’s behavior in debates as advantageous. But what was escaping everyone including the Republican party elites was that Trump was hitting home runs with the real working class American voters.
Now let’s return to the Democrats for a moment while the Republicans try to gather themselves from worrying about how well Trump was gaining approval and could well be the Republican nominee. It seems that the Democrats had prescience that Trump would be the problem in the coming election, so, they got together with the FBI elite (does Strzok and Page ring a bell), DOJ and Hillary’s bunch of hatchet men weeks before the election establishing the idea of the Russian Collusion Scandal against Trump. The action which would benefit their cause before and after the election – “an insurance policy.”
It shouldn’t be necessary to repeat that interference in a Federal Election is like, really illegal, but, here it is. FBI’s general counsel James Baker meets with Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s lawyer to discuss the Democrats, and Hillary Clinton’s half a million dollar arrangement with the FBI to deal with Christopher Steel and other foreign spies. The government decided to add to the funding of Fusion GPS phony Russian Dossier, commissioning it to set-up Carter Page to improve the credibility of the information for the FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. You might wonder what this was all about, but to clarify, just in case it’s not clear, it was to rig the election against Trump. There is no question that the FBI and DOJ did not know of the crooked activities in which they were involved, after all, they were providing the fake dossier to themselves through surreptitious channels including the fake news media. And this circuitous route of deception supported the illegality which was necessary to obtain the FISA warrants. While opposition research is quite legal, it is (definitely) illegal to use it to fix a Federal election
There has been the accusation of Russian collusion and interference in the election, but that accusation was in order to provide fodder for the destruction of the Trump advance on the election. As a matter of fact, more damaging was the British interference in the election with the help of John Brennan’s (CIA Chief) meeting with the head of Brittan’s GCHQ Robert Hannigan in the summer of 2016 who brought intelligence gathered (by accident?) on members of the Trump campaign.
So here we have members of the CIA, DOJ and FBI trying to rig the election – again, a fix which violates Federal statues. The swamp or Deep State, as you wish, hated Trump sufficiently to break the law constantly, something of which Trump was aware, stating his distrust of the CIA, and of which the fake news media made fun of him for making such an accusation. Of course, we now know he was correct in his evaluation of the situation. Republicans who didn’t want Trump to be elected were also critical of his CIA concerns. One might note here that dozens of CIA personnel stated that they were absolutely against Trump
The moment President Trump was elected the Democrats posted their full intentions. They would oppose everything the president would propose, regardless of its benefit to the nation. This form of politics is not the government; it is revenge and the underlying rallying cry of the Democrat party’s totally senseless political position. The response of spoiled, ignorant children. That cry of stupidity has only gotten louder and now, stooped to inciting violence as the preeminent method of getting what the Democrats want, destruction of President Trump’s presidency
In the law, there is an accepted premise, that of the “poisoned tree,” and “fruit of the poisoned tree.” Basically, this concerns tainted, e.g., illegally gathered, evidence and any evidence garnered from the original illegal source. The Mueller probe is absolute nonsense and should have been shut down as soon as it was determined the dossier was a planted fake.