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Democrats promote invision of America
            No borders for the Caravan
Insanity! Thousands are at our borders and more are coming to America for the freebies and the good life at the expense of American taxpayers, and our needy; hungry children; vets; poor, and afflicted. At a further expense to our education system, medical facilities, food stamps, housing, drugs, and medicine, all denied to our citizens Ė BUT DEMOCRATS SAY, give it to the Illegals. There are people at our borders breaking the law by helping these illegals manipulate the system in order to gain entry into our country. Simply put, this is cheating the system and all those people who sacrifice to come here legally. Certainly that's not the American way, nor does it bode well for the character of those who cheat the system. Those Americans who feel obliged to break the law by helping illegals to circumvent our laws are traders to the welfare of America. And all of this and more is promoted and supported by the Democrats.
The Democrats donít care about Americaís welfare they want our government to continue spending thousands of dollars (some $6,380 a month) on these illegal aliens to live in America. Of course, thatís while our citizens cannot get a free higher education, social security, and Medicare which is attacked by reductions, while money continues to go out to these illegal's and the burden they create upon our society.
Have Americans grown so stupid, that we are willing to sacrifice, for illegal aliens rather than solving our own problems first? Thereís an old saying, ďDonít worry about what color youíre going to paint the barn until after you put out the fire.Ē Are Americans to sacrifice their well being to accommodate these illegal's while our people suffer?
Ignorance created by such a large part of America's society and its mental retardation, obliterating common sense, has all been replaced with an inculcated political correctness? Democrats tell us to vote against President Trump, to vote against Republicans, to attack any Republican supporter, administrative staff members, even at dinner, the theatre and on the street
The Democrats say attack, attack, confront, tell Republican supporters that they are not wanted, not welcome in stores, restaurants, movies. Democrats say there is no reasoning with Republicans, that they should not be treated with any form of civility. Attack, Attack, Attack!
Democrats have convinced themselves with lies, deception, illegal acts and belied, beguiling brinkmanship, that, for everything they do criminally, they blame the Republicans. It's never the Democrats, according to them, itís the scum of Trump supporters, the deplorable's, rednecks, the uneducated, ignorant and stupid who are the only people who would support President Trump. After all, former President obama sings his own praises insisting he is responsible for the economy with lies bigger than "you can keep your doctor." As for crooked Hillary, she can't stop her diarrhea running mouth with mendacious commentary trying to make herself relevant
It is incomprehensible to realize that so many American's forget all the evil Hillary has done. How much little Chunky Schemer, Nancy Pelosi, and all the Democrat hierarchy have lied, cheated, committed political crimes, cover-ups and obvious attempts to tell the American people how much they want to do for our country while in the meantime refusing to work with the President. Democrats, all Democrats have, from day one of the President's taking office said that they would NEVER approve anything the President would attempt to do for America - even it was for the benefit of our country.
These hypocritical politicians are the worse kind of political trash, throwing the American people down into the abyss to regain people by the government according to themselves. Keep in mind that Trump has no ax to grind, he is not in it for the money or power; he simply wants to "Make America Great Again" for the benefit of all Americans. Perhaps so he can go down in history as accomplishing just that - unlike the traitorous, apologetic, failure, obama
No doubt the reader has sensed my animosity, something I normally don't show with such ferocity, but now is not the time to watch America slip at the hands of the Democrat Party and the disaster they are promising to hoist on our country. This is so obvious; it is difficult to understand why so many people support these miscreant politicians. Quit drinking the Kool-Aid, actually look at these people and how they function, if you really do, you will see them for what they are, if not and they win, we will all pay the heavy price they will put upon us!