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Democrat House and Senate Politicians are the Filth of Politics
Aiding and Abetting Murder, Mayhem, and Mendacity
But, with all these wonderful benefits thought to be impossible, the only thing the Democrat party can do is to try and disrupt the President from doing further good to our country. President Trumpís attempt to protect us from the problems of illegals pouring into our nation, costing us billions and billions of dollars we donít even spend to help our (own) citizens.
Democrat politicians could care less about the American citizen murdered, raped, maimed, assaulted, robbed and dismembered by stopping illegals and other phony applicants for asylum. Americans used to value one life needlessly lost, are put at risk when it could so easily be avoided Ė but the Democrats simply ignore, sidestep, or deflect the issue and attack the President. But people suffer and die as a result.

Now the Democrat party is going completely off the rails. Socialism, no cows, planes, etc., more government control Ė when has the government ever accomplished anything but more and more detrimental regulations and laws abusing the American people? The Democrat party supporting crooked Hillary, rats in the DOJ, FBI, and CIA while insisting itís all about President Trumpís tweets as the real danger to America. A Democrat position that goes from the ridiculous to obscene. Simply put, the Democrat party has lost all sense of propriety and common sense.  And all the Democrats have accomplished since President Trump was elected, is to show they are, and have been the biggest danger to America in the last fifty years.
I will not even go into gun control, which was written to protect American citizens from the government who now tries to take our guns so that we cannot protect ourselves from the government. Outrageous! How can Americans trust a government that is untrustworthy? 
Democrats extolls their partyís lying, hypocrisy, and pursuit of false narratives exceeded only by their pernicious, purposeful, mentally retarded attacks on President Trump. Their only purpose in life is to destroy the president at the expense of the American people. Democrats encourage murders, drug dealers, and vicious gangs incontinently to the determent of our nationís resources and encourage an enormous financial burden on our nation ó Democratís truculent, vituperative, histrionics verge on a form of insanity.
The term Trump Derangement Syndrom (TDS) has become part of our lexicon. False prescience of future malevolent actions by the president are without credibility and basically, massive lies by Democrats such as Congressman Adam Schiff whose constant mendacity rolls off his tongue like so much bull manure. Little Chucky Schumer and Nancy (pass it then read it), are examples of manipulating the English language with such dexterity that they can misdirect truth into reality.
The Democrats are the people who said they would never work with the President from the day after he was elected and that they would obstruct him any way possible Ė which they have successfully done; however, President Trump has succeeded in making our nation better off, solving problems that Obama said could not be accomplished by anyone. Yet, the President has done the impossible: manufacturing is back; the economy is the best its been in fifteen years; unemployment is so far down we actually need people to fill the jobs; minorities are better-off; womenís situations have vastly improved; we are a nation of energy independence and now, export, America no longer kowtows to other nations, etc., etc.